We are Binary Banger, founded by Mothership Glass and Quave Club Banger. Our focus is to elevate your experience by combining our unique design capabilities and quartz expertise to create groundbreaking products that are both deeply artistic and exceptionally functional.


Will the graphics fade?

Since the graphics are sealed between two layers of quartz, they will not fade. As long as you keep your banger clean, it will look the same as when you first purchased it.

Do we offer wholesale?

Binary Banger does not currently offer wholesale. This may be something that we offer in the future.

Who is Binary Banger?

Binary Banger is composed of Mothership Glass and the originators of the “banger” design, Quave Club Bangers.

Where do you ship?

We only ship within the USA. Please contact us if you’d like to make an international order. Additionally, if you are unable to purchase through our site for any other reason, please contact us at sales@binarybanger.com

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